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''I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all your work! Your research and speedy responses to requests really helped the project look great and achieve the deadline and were both very much appreciated. It was a pleasure working with you!''

Senior Designer, Dorling Kindersley

''It's been lovely working with you on this project! It's been super stressful at points, but you have been amazingly calm and good humoured about it all (at least that is the impression that you have given!), not to mention incredibly tenacious in chasing down all those permissions. Thank you so much for being so brilliant! I think it is going to be a really beautiful book''.

                                                          Senior Designer

“In a book that deals with works of art…the critical question is how it looks and feels, and for that all credit must go to picture researcher Sarah Hopper…”

Jeremy Paxman, 'The Victorians'

"Thanks so much for your wonderful research on this project…Given the wide brief and relatively short timescale you’ve done a fantastic job, so thank you."

Commissioning Editor, Harper Collins

"THANK YOU so much for all your very hard work, creativity, sensitivity and patience.

Your valuable input and contribution has made this title a real pleasure!"

Senior Art Editor, DK

"Thanks again for all your hard work and commitment to the magazine over the months – it was a real pleasure having you around".

Art Director, Saga Magazine.

“Thanks again for all your amazing resourcefulness in finding and
tracking down images/permissions and your tenacious negotiating skills re fees!”

Dorling Kindersley

‘Thank you for your hard work on the pictures. They are magnificent. Really grateful!’

Peter and Dan Snow, 'Battlefield Britian'

“You are an absolute marvel. Thank you for all you’ve done”.

Director, Alchemy TV. For historical consultancy for series development.

''…Thank you so much for your hard and creative work – the pages are lovely and the jacket is one of my favourites. And perfect budgeting!"

Senior Editor, BBC Books.

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